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A Note from James

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“Well, of course your house sold in one day!” “Well of course your settlement came in!” Now, this would be the ideal response to our two Unity members this week when they shared with me their good news. After all, at Unity we are in the business of making the seemingly impossible possible. And indeed, […]

Everything Is Awesome

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James Buchanan reflects on his experience during last week’s Unity People’s Convention Someone pointed out to me recently that they thought of the 1300-acre Unity Village near Kansas City as OZ, wondering what goes on “behind the curtain” and were is the Unity movement headed as a whole. How fun! Being a lover of Unity […]

Ramblings from a Unitic on the Road

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James Buchanan writes from the annual Unity People’s Convention at Unity Village It’s good to be back…I am In Love. Unity Village is 125 years old… and I get to celebrate with more than 600 Unity ministers and spiritual leaders. We have gathered today to consider and vote on proposed amendments and policy, such as […]

a note from James…

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“Do I call you Jim?” He said“No, thank you,” I said.“Jimmy?”“Umm, not so much these days”“Jimbo?”“Definitely Not.”“Jim Bob?”“Anything but that.”“Mr. Buchanan? Chip? What?”“Ummm, Lets go with James.”“Rev. James? Saint James?”“Yea, umm, no…lets just go with James for now. I was once told I had the patience of a Saint, but was not a Saint.”“I agree […]