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A Note From James

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“I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends” – here’s the theme song of the week. That song could apply to any day, come to think of it… So, here I am, back in Unity Village. This time with more exciting coursework, a talk to prepare and deliver, and (drumroll, please) graduation!!! It’s […]

A Note from James Buchanan July 25th

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Still basking in last week’s Aloha Sunday? I did learn certain of you are basking in shopping for the next Aloha Sunday already (including you Chris)! Now it is time to look forward to this Sunday, with such subjects as…”Service is Sexy….can you say that in Church?” That is the discussion I was a part […]

“Aloha” from James

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“Aloha” from James Buchanan If you have been around Unity over the past week you have seen that it’s happening everywhere! Better put, we are experiencing Unity Style Arkansan Aloha – USAA! If you haven’t had a chance to catch the Aloha spirit, check out the highlight below about GO! Teams and contact Heather on […]

A Note from James July 10 2014

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A Note from James Buchanan The proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” means that the work of raising a child cannot be done alone; rather, an entire community must participate to some extent in the task. African in origin, this Nigerian proverb conveys the African continent’s worldview that emphasizes the values of […]

A Note From James July 4th 2014

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A Note from James Buchanan “80 percent of success is showing up…” Can that be? Woody Allen said it, so it must be true! Not sure what universe he was coming from when he coined that phrase and statistic; maybe it’s more? Maybe less? Who knows – we could debate it for days…. I see […]