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A Note From James…

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Unity’s Cosmic Closet & You Never Know… I am sure that you have heard the expression…Well, you never know.  My expression this week has been, well, You never know what you know until you know that you know… and then you know.   I walked into the “Corner Closet” costume shop last night determined to […]

CommUNITY Sale

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CommUNITY Sale: Eliminate – Circulate – Cocreate Now don’t those words generate a better energy when you think of yard sale?  That’s what Unitics do when they get together to eliminate what no longer serves them – circulate their gifts and old treasures – and cocreate space for new life!!  So dig in and clean out and […]

Note From James…

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Conscious Coffee and Conscious Cougars   The cougars may be running amuck in the neighborhood.  I must admit that I was only partially listening at the point when our very own Reverend Mother, Colleen, brought up cougar news. I was still digesting other subjects we had just discussed (which are usually many on a day […]

A Note From James — Aloha Sunday – Arkansas Fall Style

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It has been too long hasn’t it? It’s Aloha Sunday time again! I never got to experience an Aloha Sunday during the fall in Hawaii (as there is no fall), so clearly I had to come to Arkansas to make this happen. For that matter its been awhile since my last fall, which was an […]

A Note From James — Let’s Fall Together

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Last Sunday, I said to Jeff, “Sometimes synchronictic lines can connect the dots of life.”  In response to that i engaged in an interesting dialogue with someone: I was asked, “So, James, can I wear those lines instead of dots this Sunday?” I responded,  “Are you all out of dots?”  She said, “Yep.”  To which […]