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Falling Into the Ease of Abundance

by jami snider

Would it be alright with you if life got easier? Would it be alright if life got more abundant? Yes, is the obvious answer. What do you have to release in order to Fall into the Ease of Abundance? Struggle? Stress? Worry? Anxiety? Your stories, beliefs, habits and patterns? Yes – In this fun, engaging […]

Speaking Peace: What You Say Next Could Change Your World

by jami snider

What if you knew the words that would bring peace to yourself, your family, your friends and co-workers? What if you had clarity on exactly what you need, and you could help others recognize their own needs and desires? Sounds like magic, right? But all of this is possible through the practice of Compassionate (Nonviolent) […]

Abundance: The Natural State

by jami snider

The picture above is actually a view from Sam’s Throne in the Arkansas Ozarks. I was immediately taken in by the pinpoint of light radiating in the distance, its warm glow shining over the beautiful colors of fall. Even as I write, I’m still transfixed by every part of the landscape, filled with awe, gratitude, […]

I Am Unlimited!

by jami snider

“I am unlimited” is a powerful statement. It’s one of those affirmations that will rock your world if you allow it to sink in deep. We aren’t minuscule or insignificant nobodies. We house the living spirit in this magnificent vehicle we call a body. We don’t need to go find the Divine in our world; […]