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A Note from Russ: Metaphysical Christmas

by jami snider

Billions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ on December 25th. Christmas has the power to warm our hearts and ignite our faith to see the world as a shining source of joy and wonder. Within Unity, we celebrate the birth of the Christ on Christmas. Yet the Christ cannot be born. The […]

‘Tis the Season

by jami snider

This is the time of year when we bring awareness to the birth of the Christ Consciousness within us all. You and I are continually birthing a deeper awareness of our connection to ALL, our Oneness. This holiday season is a perfect opportunity to bring forth a conscious experience of the God within us, the […]

Letting Love Have Its Way With You

by jami snider

This is the time of year when we have an opportunity to express love at its fullest. Truly, we are conduits of a divine love that surpasses all understanding. This love can work wonders in our lives, if we’re willing to open to it! Ministerial Intern Alana Tyson will deliver a message this Sunday titled […]