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The Wondrous Power of Faith: A Note from Unity

by jami snider

Whether we realize it or not, all of us use the power of faith. We might place our faith in spiritual or secular understanding. Our faith may change and grow over time, shifting from one thing to another as we live. But we all have faith, and it transforms our lives from within. When applied […]

Three Magic Words: A Note from Unity

by jami snider

Are you ready to learn three magic words that can change your life? This Sunday, Alana Tyson will thrill us with her message, “Three Magic Words.” Alana brings together insights from her personal experience and the writings of U.S. Andersen and Neale Donald Walsch. If you’re looking for a positive path for inner transformation, be […]

The Power to Change: A Note from Russ

by jami snider

No matter what our present circumstances might be, there is something we desire to see changed within our lives. Occasionally, we can see our lives evolve in powerful and positive ways, yet there are aspects of life that appear impervious to change. Whether it seems easy or difficult for something to change, all circumstances are […]

Inspired to Inspire: A Note from Amanda

by jami snider

How often are your actions inspired by joy? When you get up in the morning, are you likely to feel anxiety and dread for the coming day? Or, do you wake with a hopeful heart, radiant with the expectancy of new life? Joy is the best and most potent source we have to fuel our […]