It was either a Saturday or the Fourth of July when I found myself strolling through Balboa Park in San Diego, Ca back in the summer of 1976 as the song ‘Saturday In The Park’ (Chicago) blasted from a nearby boom box (I know right; so old school). Perhaps you recall the lyrics? ‘Saturday, in the park; I think it was the Fourth of July’.

Well, as you might imagine, the lyrics grabbed my attention on that particular day in a way they never had before. And now, the mere thought of that song (I don’t even have to hear it play) instantly transports me back. To the perfect weather; the noises; the smells; and especially: to the way I was feeling.

Connected, content, peaceful; hopeful about the future. Things I didn’t normally feel back then, in my early twenties. Of course I remember! And so it is with music. It’s powerful; it’s magical. It can make our feet move involuntarily, or go straight to our hearts like a gut punch!
So please join myself and other members of the ULR Music team on June 11 as we present some of the songs that we have felt connected to during our lives.

Caution. Not responsible for wet eyes and/or lumpy throats….just saying.