There was a first this week at UnityLR. Two deer fawns were spotted playing on the parking lot. Deer in some traditions symbolize spiritual maturity wearing a great crown of antlers which they lose every year and grow anew. Deer then represent regeneration. That’s appropriate for there is regeneration taking place at UnityLR. We’re shedding our old colors as seen by the new paint in the sanctuary and the upcoming new paint, and art work, and many other steps of regeneration visibly unfolding. Our upcoming Tables For Unity is an exploration of regeneration for us as a community. You get to share what you want for your spiritual home, what’s important to you, and the direction you feel is most important for UnityLR to take as we bring clarity to our mission and vision. It takes place in a small group and is your opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas about everything UnityLR. You’ll be contacted via email to when and where. Your contribution is essential, everyone’s contribution is essential – your hopes and wishes are the foundation for what we will do and provide in the months to come.

Also, come experience our special guest speaker coming to provide the Sunday message tomorrow. Beverly Pryor is a Licensed Unity Teacher from Unity of Dallas who I’ve personally see teach classes and I know you’ll enjoy her message, “Love Like a Rock”.

We also continue our rediscovery of the beauty of our community and grounds with a Beautify Unity Day next Saturday, July 8. We’ll spend a few hours outside trimming and generally clearing and cleaning. Every little bit helps.

We’re about to have another first I’m excited to see finally happening. On July 28-29 we’re providing an deeper look into the power of prayer with our first Unity Prayer Chaplin Training. This is the opportunity to embody praying more effectively with deep heartfelt passion. I hear us say to one another I’ll pray for you or I’ll send you energy or I’ll keep you in my thoughts when our friends are struggling and when they’re celebrating. What if we said “would you like to pray together, here and now?” How deeply impactful would that be in someone’s life? This training will provide the tools to pray with someone in an meaningful and life altering way. This training is open to everyone and there is no requirement to become a Chaplain.

There are also new volunteers popping up if you look around. The most recent is Tina Kennedy as our new Guest Services Host. You’ll see her at the front door on Sunday’s and do be warned, if you get within reach she will wrap those caring arms around you in a big Unity welcome!

I’d love to hear from you. Drop me note, give me call, visit me at Unity, or schedule coffee time. I’m available.

Peace and Gratitude,

Russell Jackman, DD
Interim Spiritual Leader