I took a recent trip to Universal Studios where the world of Harry Potter took on new meaning. In between rubbing elbows with thousands of hot, often smelly (I did say hot didn’t I?), and always screaming fans I saw Harry Potter, his friends and his enemies in a different light. After ‘flying’ around Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, getting scorched by fire breathing dragons and chased by the evil Lord Voldemort something has to change! You start to see the world differently. You begin to think of yourself differently. When you see things differently you get to BE different. That’s what Unity and its founders, the Fillmores, began teaching more than a hundred years ago; change how you think and you change how you show up in the world. You don’t have to fly with Harry to discover the ‘magic’ that’s alive in all of us. Once you can BE different in your own life you can start changing your life. Harry Potter and the Fillmores taught a similar message. This Sunday we’ll explore how to see the world differently with our message entitled “Five Ways to ‘C’.” ‘C’ how you can look at your life and BE the person living the hero’s journey every day. See you Sunday!

Peace and Joy,

Russell Jackman
Interim Spiritual Leader