Hi Friends,

This week has been a serious week with the events in Charlottesville and the discussions that have arisen through the days following. As a community that endeavors to support a loving world, free of judgement, this week we have seen that there are those who wish to capitalize on and spread hatred, bigotry, and racism. And they demonstrated that violence is an acceptable expression to that end. This is not new in our society but the depth of its present visibility is remarkable.

With the hatred that is raging on all sides, it is time to step beyond our political affiliations, beyond our own anger, and even beyond our desire to withdraw from the turmoil. We must stand up and voice what we want in our nation and in our society. Not in opposition to another person or ideology but to declare and claim clearly and with passion the world we want. A world in which hatred, bigotry and racism are powerless. A world we are willing to take action to see that this is accomplished. We must stop waiting for the right time and know that this is the moment. If we passively drift into the background then another’s voice will be heard. Do you want that voice to trumpet the hatred and racism we witnessed in Charlottesville? If we turn our backs then we let others decide what is acceptable, what is the norm, and what can be done with violent hatred. There is a time to step up and it is now. Not to confront others with the same hatred we’re witnessing but to be a unified voice that cannot be shouted down by those who do not know who they are. We must bring our own compassion, our sense of community, and our deepening connection to the challenge we see facing us. In all challenges, as you come through the other side, you have grown and are a better being. Individually and as a society this is our challenge from which we will grow, if only we choose that path. These are not dark times. This is the Light pushing to break through. It is with you that this will happen. There are no small beings, only those who hide their Light under a bushel avoiding the Power that is yearning to be claimed within themselves. You are not small, you are not powerless so do not attack those who only know their smallness. Rise up and Shine the Strength, Power and Understanding that will be the momentum to shift us into a deeper clarity that Love is the foundation we cannot escape.

Sunday we will lift up the heaviness as we will lift our minds, lift our hearts and lift our Light to shine. In the Light there is no darkness. Using what we shared last week in our message (communion, connection, and compassion) and other new ways to “C” we will see farther into the Light shining for all of us. Come be the Light!

Peace and Joy,

Russell Jackman
Interim Spiritual Leader