Meet Our Staff

Welcome to Unity! It’s the people below and those like you who make it all happen at Unity!

Russ Jackman

Interim Spiritual Leader

“After years of professional practice as a chiropractic physician in Little Rock I began to search for a way to bring greater healing and joy in to people’s lives – and of course my own life. Through studying with powerfully enriching teachers I discovered that what takes place between our ears and, most certainly, within our hearts shapes our lives. We are spiritual being living a human experience and every aspect of our lives is spiritual, even if we look at that in profoundly different ways.

Before I became an Inner Focus minister, Unity of Little Rock had been a part of my personal and spiritual evolvement for years and it was with this community that my passion to positively transform and impact my life and the world was ignited. Teacher and friend Dr. AlixSandra Parness shared years ago that we’re here “Healing the Heart of Humanity, One Heart at a Time” and that permeates my approach to life. I’m dedicated to living deeply from my heart and that takes my own intimate and challenging commitment on a daily basis. Plus, I’m here doing all I can to make a difference in the hearts that surround me – whether they are five feet or five thousand miles away. Unity of Little Rock is the spiritual community that continues to inspire me to be more, to change the thinking that lays the foundation of my life experiences, to take the actions that best serve humanity, and discover each day what it means to live in and from my heart. Join me on this journey.”  ~Russ Jackman, DD

Myrtle Fillmore co-founder of Unity…
Since two or more gathered together have the tremendous power that Jesus promised, what power would be released if thousands could be united in speaking one thought!


Andre Beaudoin

Board of Trustees Member- President

Andre Beaudoin has been involved with Unity for over 20 years. As a member of the Unity church of West Hartford Connecticut, he served as the HUG (Hospitality, Ushers and Greeters) committee chair.  His work developing and teaching classes there eventually lead to his becoming a professional speaker. He joined Unity of Little Rock when he moved to Arkansas 12 years ago. Andre is the founder and leader of Unity of Little Rock’s Being Our Best Men’s Group and recently began serving as the head of our Ushers and Greeters committee.

Andre is a persuasive and intuitive communicator, capable of explaining complex ideas to diverse audiences.  Over the past 10 years, Andre has focused his studies on teaching, energy healing and spiritual understanding. He is a graduate of the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing. Andre has been mentored by many internationally-known teachers, including Dr. Alan Weiss and Andrew Harvey.  Currently, Andre works as an independent sales representative while continuing to expand and share his knowledge of spirituality and energy healing.

Jeanie McGehee

Board of Trustees Member - Treasure

Jeanie McGehee grew up in Little Rock.  She has also lived in Atlanta, Georgia; Texas; and Flagstaff, Arizona. Along the way, she raised Mitch and Jillian, progressed from middle school math teacher to PhD. in Mathematics Education. In 1997, she returned home to help her parents, work at the University of Central Arkansas and make a difference in Arkansas schools. In 2000, she found a spiritual home at Unity of Little Rock. Jeanie has served as Board President from 2008-2011 and 2013 – present. Jeanie says, “Serving Unity has taught me, ‘It is the Christ within who does the work.’ Working with James Buchanan to expand our spiritual community has been challenging, creative, and rewarding.”

Linda Strickland

Board of Trustees Member - Secretary

Linda Strickland has lived in Arkansas for most for life. She retried from her position with the State of Arkansas in 2013 where she worked for 25 years. She has also held positions in the private sector as well as federal government.

As a seeker to the meaning and purpose of life, she started exploring the possibilities at the tender age of 11. Needless to say the spiritual quest has persisted throughout her life and continues. After a brief relationship with Unity in the 1980’s, she returned as a full timer in the fall of 2013. Linda loves the community of out of box thinkers and doers. She embraces the loving nature of the Unity community and knows that her views are met without judgement and are full of love. She volunteers in the administration office once a week, has pulled together several community outreach projects and participates in many of Unity’s workshops and intra-community activities.

Scott Snider

Board of Trustees Member-at-Large

Scott Snider is an IT Professional with a long-time interest in Metaphysics. Scott Began his journey after attending his first psychic fair in Dallas, revealing a world of illuminating spiritual development. Scott continues to expand his knowledge in this genre by listening and reading books, programs, and interviews of inspiring people. His favorite author is Neville Goddard. Scott joined the CAN (Conscious Awareness Network) Group in 2013, and officially become a member of Unity Little Rock in 2016, as he felt an alignment with his own beliefs and the Unity Principles. Scott has volunteered his time with the Audio Video Team since he joined Unity LR, and is a participant in one of Unity’s Mastermind groups. Scott married his wife Jami at Unity Irving (Texas) and has two beautiful Daughters.

Vandra Morgan-Delaney

Board of Trustees Member - Vice President

Vandra Morgan-Delaney has attended Unity of LR since 2013 and became a member in 2015. Her background is in project management, file systems, evidence organization and presentation, visual displays for court purposes, office procedures, various software programs, writing blogs, songs, articles, and short stories. She has been a member of two other boards and was in charge of a 6500 subscribers newsletter for two years in Alaska. She continues to broaden her understanding of Unity principles and feels serving on the Board benefits the community.